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Atelier Feld & Volk

We apply all the creative experience of our designers and unique Feld & Volk technologies, working on a by-order basis. Our Atelier is striving to achieve the ideal synergy of our best practice and the customer’s wishes.

Working with Feld & Volk Atelier is a great opportunity to bring your ideas into life relying on the technological wisdom of our masters. Create with us. Apply your imagination to any device.

We will listen to your ideas and will help you to make them a reality just as delicately as we do when we create our own collections.

Develop one or several unique corporate devices for your company together with Feld & Volk.

For each device’s back cover we’ll design an individual pattern echoing your corporate or personal style.

Together we’ll choose materials shape of the buttons and looks, while also offering you the best of our know-how.

The back cover can be made out of sapphire glass.

The back cover can be made out of wood.

The back cover can be made out of various metals.

Changing the light element of your gadget into a figure of any complexity is easy! Our technologies allow us to put highly detailed images of almost any complexity on the back cover of the gadget: from logos and company trademarks to your lucky number, from patterns or outlines to coats of arms, and even space ships.

If you wish, the side panels can be made of gold, anodized aluminum or wood.

Any of the materials mentioned can also be engraved.

You can take any ideas from our collections as the basis for your device, then change any of the elements according to your taste and preferences.

With Feld & Volk you can create more than simply a beautiful device – you can create a piece of art. We will also help you to develop media content for your device to match the chosen stylistics: wallpapers, ringtones and even apps.

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