We are looking for like-minded persons and connoisseurs of the beautiful from all over the world to improve our technologies, find new solutions, be inspired and give birth to peculiar new ideas together with us. It is easy to get in touch with us. Just call us or send an e-mail


Unfortunately there is no way to convey in detail all the beauty and esthetics of our devices over a distance. That is why it is so significant for us to provide our clients with an opportunity to experience them in real life.

In this moment we have retail stores only in Russia and CIS only but we are also motivated to develop distribution all over the world. We even have a couple of special collections designed specifically for an international audience.

If you share our ideas and approach, if you find our philosophy and esthetics congenial to yours and if you are ready to become a part of our brand, get in touch with us. We will certainly discuss our cooperation.



Feld & Volk is constantly creating new designs, technology solutions and ideas but nevertheless we are always searching for interesting new opportunities. So we are bold enough to collaborate with famous and gifted artists as well as huge brands. It’s not easy sometimes but the rewards of such synergies always exceed expectations and become first steps towards new exclusive collections.

We are open to discussions.



Branded phones and tablet computers are perfect marketing instrument for your advertisement as almost everyone today uses them. Our devices ensure the emphasis to your company or your clients. They can become the main element of advertisement company, be a desireable gift to a marketing campaign’s winner, or become a promotional instrument.

We have gained a lot of experience in adapting our technologies to the needs of well-known brands and can offer unusual solutions suitable to various budgets.


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