Can you make a SimaPhone from my device?

Unfortunately we can`t. Feld&Volk works only with new devices. Basically, we use the latest models with the best features. For large series and for corporate customers we can consider a partnership using the customer’s new phones.

Do you issue a warranty?

All our devices have a Feld & Volk 1 year warranty from the moment of sale. Our experts also provide repair service post the warranty period. Please note that brining the device to an unauthorized service center for repair invalidates the warranty.

Does the backlight affect the battery life of my device?

Our proprietary technological inventions allow us to avoid this problem. Depending on the way you use your device with the backlight, its battery life can decrease by just 5-7%. This data has been proven by tests.

Some of your models have glass back panel though the original device's back panel is 100% aluminum. Does it affect the device?

Unique technologies allow the replacement of original aluminum panels with sapphire glass while preserving its original width (7.6mm) and avoiding substantial weight increase (just 12 grams). At the same time, we save the actual frame to ensure that the mobile signal and Wi-Fi remain the same strength as in the standard device. The sapphire glass which we use is our proprietary innovation: despite its size, it preserves the characteristics of strength. It has oleophobic coating which prevents the appearance of fingerprints and repels dirt. However, sapphire glass isn’t the only material we use for back panels: we already have devices made of rare wood, gold, stones and other materials.

Is it possible to create a bold new device having chosen only materials, colors and elements?

Yes it is. In this case we calculate the price individually as such orders are produced in a single copy. Feel free to contact us: we’ll create prototypes and calculate the price.

What is the difference between Feld & Volk and other re-designed devices? What specifies the price?

We use innovational and unique solutions, which are quite expensive both at the design and production stages. We work with world-class brands and unlike our competitors we use only original details. Feld & Volk devices have the highest quality in the market as they are produced with innovation technologies and expensive materials.

Where do you provide delivery service?

We can theoretically deliver to any part of the world. But each country has its own customs regulations. That is why Feld & Volk takes an individual approach to each order. For example, we can arrange transfer on behalf of our European partners so that our client can avoid paying  customs duties. Before ordering, please read the terms of delivery carefully. You can also inquire about all the details by e-mail or by phone.

What should I do if the device is broken?

Get in touch with us and our highly qualified experts will provide any kind of repair without warranty regardless of where it was purchased.

Can I take a look at the device before buying it?

You can do this at our Moscow showroom. At the moment, Feld & Volk is building an international network . You can also take a look at our devices at our partners’ offline outlets.

What devices do you work with?

Feld & Volk take into consideration every individual request. At the moment, Apple products suit all our quality, design and construction requirements.

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