Brand story

The first prototype SimaPhone 3G Classic appears in consideration of the first experience of iPhone re-design and modification. We start searching for contractors and launch  the first test production. The first ever fashionable series of SimaPhone 3G is gifted to celebrities, showmen and journalists.

Right after the start of SimaPhone sales the gadget becomes the center of attention of the gloss and fashion shootings, thus, Vogue editor-in-chief calls SimaPhone «accessory of the year». 


At the beginning of 2009 we start retailing our products in SHOP&BAR DENIS SIMACHЁV,  in 5 major Euroset stores, in ROOM, Finamore and other significant stores in Moscow. 

Specially for one of our regular customers we create the single piece of SimaPod Nano 5G. It’s the first modification which is not based on iPhone. 

IPhone «Mumiy Trol» is the first project for well-known musicians and our first project which is not related to SimaPhone. 

We launch our own full-cycle production in one of the loft spaces of Moscow where all stages of  manufacturing and packaging are proceeded. 

Since 2011 all BUREAU17 products are packed in wenge wood boxes that are manually manufactured.

BUREAU17 engineers and designers create a customized Sony PlayStation  in a single copy for private auction. Beats Studio Pro DJ headphones is another project not related to iPhone, this item was crafted for DJ Maryby and decorated with a khokhloma print. 

Modified iMac extends the number of BUREAU17 custom devices; we release a set of  4 customized iMacs with glowing Apple logo to decorate the interior of SHOP&BAR DENIS SIMACHЁV.

Unique technologies of creation of modified telephones are applied in a new generation of devices SimaPhone 5.

We apply sapphire glass of the highest quality on the back panel and at the same time we manage to preserve the original dimensions of the gadget. Love and Bunch models are produced in a limited edition. SimaPhone collection continues to enlarge.  


The number of individual and corporate Atelier orders goes up as well. Atelier carries out significant custom project for Federation Tower: modified iMac with a glowing logo on the back panel and an iPad 2 with a similar design. We also make a custom project on the basis of iPad mini for TSUM department store administration. Furthermore, Bacardi joins the list of our partners and we create a customized iPhone 5 for this brand. 

Using precious stones in designing various gadgets becomes trendy. This option is also available in our Atelier. 

We are the first world’s company to use marquetry technique in designing mobile devices (on the basis of iPhone 5S). It turns Feld & Volk products in a real work of art once and for all. It is no coincidence that one of the series of unique devices is devoted to the masterpieces of world art.

Attention from foreign partners to the brand inspires our company to create an International collection, which is represented by the custom gadgets featuring national patterns of Kazakhstan, UAE, Hong Kong and China.


At September, 20, the first day of iPhone 6 sales, we present WOOD collection in Colette concept store in Paris. Since this moment Feld & Volk gadgets are to get in the “Holy of Holies” of European fashion addicts.

In December Feld & Volk opens its new mono-brand boutique in Moscow luxury shopping center “Novinsky”.

 We have managed to find a place in our boutique not only for regular collections, but also an area for Atelier where our guests can find out more about the available options for customization. 

Technologies elaborated during the process of creation of Sapphire collection have contributed to the release of SimaPhone 6 series. One of the collection’s gem is JustKhokhloma model which combines the elegance of the khokhloma print and the austerity of dark colors.

Feld & Volk participates in "Maslenitsa in Monaco" festival.

Divine collection is launched including Ganesha and Buddha models.  For iPhone 6 Buddha our jewelers have designed a figure of Buddha, cast in 18K solid gold and encrusted with a genuine ruby, which glows when the device's screen is on. 

Specially for Colette concept store’s the 18th anniversary we release limited edition iPhone 6 Feld & Volk for Colette. Our company joined the list of famous world brands, such as Smart, Timberland, Adidas Original, Beats, that also have collaborative projects with this concept store. 

Our engineers elaborated a new option for Atelier clients: now they can order Double Carbon customization with the back panel made of two types of treated carbon fiber. 


In 2007 Steve Jobs presents the first iPhone 2G and we start developing world’s first prototype of  glowing Apple logo. IPhone 3G  with a modified structure made of  other materials appears in 2008.  In the same year we come up with an idea to make the first individually designed iPhone. This idea is realized in collaboration with the brand DENIS SIMACHЁV™ and the device is named after this name – SimaPhone 3G. The first design projects are based on the proprietary print of DENIS SIMACHЁV – Khokhloma. 

Mass production of SimaPhone 3G Classic begins in 2009. Later, in the middle of the year we create new SimaPhone models: Moscow and Rave. The first limited SimaPhone series LOVE appears in February 2009. 

The history of our Atelier begins when we create the first customized iPhone for corporate use. JSC “Gazprom Oil” places an order for branded SimaPhone 3G Moscow.

In summer 2009 we set up a party «It’s trendy to be Russian» in SOHO ROOMS where the brand-new SimaPhone 3GS collection (Classic, Moscow, RAVE) is presented.  Most of the party’s jet set guest highly appreciate new SimaPhones as an item of a worthwhile luxury. 

GZHEL is the first limited edition without khokhloma print which enriches SimaPhone 3GS collection. In October 2010 we release SimaPhone 4 modifications (Classic, Moscow, Rave, White, Gzhel). Since Apple doesn't produce iPhone 4 White, we take this responsibility on us: we make the screen using our own elaborated technologies and launch our personal SimaPhone 4 White

Experience gained in creation of modified devices leads to establishing our own brand BUREAU17. This is a watershed moment in company’s history which assigns the autonomy of our activities once and for all. 


24 hours after the release of the first iPad our engineers elaborate a glowing logo for iPad and in 20 days we launch our SimaPad collection: Rave, Classic, Moscow.  After some time we create customized SimaPad Classic for JSC “AFK Systema”. This year we also make the first SimaBook Air for a customer's order. 


Our Atelier creates one more custom project SimaPhone 4 Federation Tower released in 3 limited editions. We use relict wood and precious metals in production. At the same time we make a project in collaboration with Internet domain zone .РФ (REG.RU).

In cooperation with Russian rap-singer Noggano (Basta) we release 228 pieces of custom iPhone 4 with his personal logo. 

Along with iPhone 4S release SimaPhone collection is also renewed: in addition to khokhloma-printed gadgets we develop a new original model – Bunch. What is more, we start applying BUREAU17 logo on all our products. 

Unique technologies of modified devices creation are applied in a new generation –SimaPhone 5.

We apply high-end sapphire glass on the back panel and at the same time we manage to preserve the original dimensions of the gadget. Models Love and Bunch are produced as limited edition and SimaPhone collection keeps on growing.  

In 2013 we open our mono-brand store in TSUM.

The company launches a major rebranding campaign and turns a new page in its history with the name Feld & Volk. We dedicate the launch of our new website to the rebranding campaign. Corporate colors are now gold and dark grey and elegant logo’s ampersand becomes a distinctive sign of  the company.

Feld & Volk is the first in the world to create an iPhone 5S modification made of pure gold.

35 grams of 18-karat precious metal are used in decoration of buttons and side frame that frame sapphire with gold-containing print. We also provide an option for the clients to melt gold elements and turn them into a jewel after the device becomes outdated. 

In spring Feld & Volk participates in  world’s major watch and jewelry exhibition - Baselworld (Basel, Switzerland). The exhibition brings huge success and worldwide recognition, our products become highly appreciated on the international market and constantly continue to develop. 

Our devices are also presented in a chain of the most prestigious stores Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons in UAE. In particular, one of the stores is situated in world’s largest shopping center Dubai Mall. 

Crowning a long process of technical research we are the first to introduce iPhone 6 with the back panel made of sapphire and titanium. Feld & Volk engineers have succeeded to preserve the authentic forms of an Apple gadget and our silk printing masters have achieved outstanding accuracy and vividness of printed image.

Soon afterwards we launch a new collection of devices with the back panel made of carbon fiber.

It’s our second appearance in Baselworld exhibition that proves Feld & Volk status of major international luxury brand. Within the exhibition program we presented prototypes of Alligator collection featuring genuine Louisiana alligator leather.


Feld & Volk Atelier keeps on carrying out of the most unusual projects. In particular, for one of our clients we produce an exclusive gadget with a «hidden glow» effect.  An inscription inside the logo becomes apparent, when the device's screen is on. Our craftsmen are world’s only masters able to create a gadget with such an effect.

Our gadgets are represented in Top Marques Monaco, world’s largest international exhibitions of  supercars and luxury.

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